The Netnarr Somniporta is a dream doorway from or maybe to the world you may think is real. In this place, for the Networked Narratives course starting in January 2019, we will issue several digital alchemy missions that are a call for you to find, create media, and return it here.

This mission is part of the activity for our fourth class  where we are learning to apply the Four Moves techniques for evaluating the source and veracity of stories shared in social media.

Pick one of the examples provided in the Four Moves blog and apply the techniques, in order, from the Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers to research the example.

Submit the image representing the story, and a write up of the “moves” you or your group did to investigate it (if a team, include first names of all participants) and drop it onto the Somniporta— be sure to select the Mission Type to be Four Moves. How satisfied are you with the results?

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