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A digital footprint is a trace of a person’s online activity: Websites visited, social media accounts created, emails sent and received, images posted, etc. Every click of a button adds a piece to the trail created behind a person. A major con of the digital footprint is that once a person has engaged in any sort of online activity, it becomes permanently recorded and impossible to erase. Even when one is tagged in an image or a post or is mentioned online, it is recorded, even if one disapproves or tries to erase it. As a result, an online reputation is created, and one must be careful of whether the online reputation being built is positive or negative, since many colleges and companies judge their applicants based on their digital footprint. Therefore, it is crucial that people regularly check their app and social media account settings and be careful of what they research or post online.

A question that arises from this topic, Do you believe that, while applying for universities or jobs, a person should be judged based on his/her digital footprint?

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    I believe that I should not be judged based on my digital footprint, especially when it comes to what I search or look for on the internet. As roaming the internet should be considered a private property that no one has the right to even look at it. However, when it comes to what I post or share for example on my public profile, I think that universities or jobs can consider my digital identity in that sort as it is a part of who I am and if it would benefit the place or not.

    `Yahia Hassanein

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