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Influencers do more harm than good by providing false images of beauty and ideal body images and skin tone/texture, claiming a certain person as the star image beauty. They influence their audience’s behavior, especially youngsters, and alter their minds and perceptions of themselves and others, in a way that would harm the youngsters, and benefit marketeers.


The psychology of following—how social influencers impact purchasing behavior

Shared by: Salma Helmy
Image Credit: Agility

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  1. Merna Elshorbagy

    I think that as the number of influencers are increasing everyday, it gives space for different opinions, tastes, trends, etc. I also feel like no matter the preference or taste of the influencers, many of them are moving towards the promotion of self-love. But i definitely do agree that the pressure still exists (especially on girls).

  2. collector

    I believe that most influencers, nowadays, have a great impact on younger generations, for their accounts are typically embodiments of the “ideal” lifestyle that everyone tries to attain. They set beauty standards, whether related to body shapes, style and fashion, or even certain skin tones. They also put their followers under the impression that a person’s life could be perfect and hurdle-free, which is extremely unrealistic. What many people need to understand is that a part of being human is in experiencing pain and meeting obstacles, a fact that is not witnessed on social media and, definitely, not represented by influencers. Therefore, many people are detrimentally affected by the influencers’ representation of life. – Alia Elkadry

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