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Today in class we had the opportunity to work on our ‘Fieldguide Project’, which will be the final project for the class and the rest of the semester. Since the class was meant to be devoted to us spending as much time researching and finding information for our projects, I found myself looking up information on the web in relation to my research question about either Catphishers and The Dark Web (people who steal some else’s identity to create a fake account or profile, in order to deceive a victim online). During this time, I came to the conclusion of having selected my specific question (one of the two): They are going to be either:

[1] Can/Do catphishers fall in love (at some point) with the person that are trying to deceive? If so, how can they change what has falsely already been said on their end?

[2] TBA



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  1. collector

    I personally think it would be very weird for catphisees to fall in love with their catphishers because catphishers are basically thieves. Although, it would make sense because they already know everything there is to know about you, so they would know how to appeal to you and how to make you fall for them. In the movie, Identity Thief, the catphisher, Diana (Melissa McCarthy), caused some serious harm to Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman), and almost cost him his job, marriage, family, and mental sanctity, as well as wiping out his credit card and leaving him broke.

  2. Malak Abdel Wahab

    In my opinion, yes, I do believe catfishers can fall in love with the person they are trying to decieve. I think their initial idea to catfish someone is the beginning of an obvious obsession. I think when you are really invested into something, you put your love into it and no one would catfish someone for the sake of it. There has to be a reason whether personal, psychological or social but your obsession and determination to convince this person of your fake self allows you to obsess over that person in general. Change can only come if they come clean to what they have said and did. I used to watch an MTV show called Catfish where someone would admit they catfished someone and they go to confront them. There have been cases where they were forgiven but the truth needs to come out first.

    -Malak Abdel Wahab

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