Death By Selfie

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I had my conference with Dr Zamora and profess Alan about my Fieldguide project and we spoke about the topics that I was interesting in.

I picked selfie but Pro. Alan said what about people that take selfies in dangerous places. So I said that sounds great and I will look into it.

I did and it was amazing what I found out. It spoke about how 250 people died taken selfies on clefs and other dangerous places.

Still research more about Death by selfies.

Shared by: Janet
Image Credit: On My Blog

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  1. The title is really interesting, it grabbed my attention. I think it is something we need to raise awareness about, people take selfies disregard how danger it is. However, you could have make it more interesting by giving examples or telling stories about those who died while taking selfies.

  2. Malak Abdel Wahab

    I recently had a phase where I was so interested in that topic. It baffles me how someone could easily risk their life for the basic purpose of taking a picture. There are a lot of videos where people tried to do dangerous things for the sake of being cool but it only lead to their death because of their carelessness.

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