The Netnarr Somniporta is a dream doorway from or maybe to the world you consider real. For the Networked Narratives course starting in January 2019, we will issue several digital missions as a call for you to find, create media, share and interact with them here.

This mission on Inputs and Perspectives on the Internet Darkness is part of last segment of the course where Kean University students are researching topics representing things to be concerned about / wary of while being part of the internet in 2019.  They are developing these into sections of what will be published as a Field Guide for Digital Wellness in a Post Truth Internet Era.

We are also participating in an international exchange of ideas with students of Maha Bali at the American University in Cairo who are also exploring issues of digital media and culture.

For Kean University students, contribute an item with an image that represents the topic you are exploring and include  a concise description, as well as some questions to get perspective from the AUC students or asking for input of ideas or examples.

Likewise, for the Digital Literacy projects the AUC students are working on, share an item with an image to represent it, a description, and some questions that would help address it.

Note that all images require you include the source to give it credit.

You can use the  Add to Collection form— to share your entry, be sure to select the Mission Type to be Inputs and Perspectives on the Internet Darkness.

Once the items begin to appear here, spend some time reading each other’s projects (displayed in the grid below or available via the archive link), and provide feedback in the comment form on the bottom of each entry.

We hope feedback, input, perspective from across cultures via the internet, is the kind of digital creativity that can put shine light on the darkness of the current internet.

Currently in the Collection for this Mission

Featured Image: Modification of labels on Computer Inputs and Outputs a Public Domain Pictures image by Charles Rondeau.